Protect your family today by finding a solution to your wet basement or crawlspace moisture problem.

Basement/Crawl Space Waterproofing
There are three main ways that water can enter a basement or crawl space:
  • Over the Top of the Foundation Wall
  • Thru the Foundation Walls, Windows, or Doorways 
  • From under the Basement Floor

Moisture then causes mold growth.  Correcting the problem that has allowed moisture to enter is the first step in its elimination and prevention.

Every situation is different, but we offer various waterproofing solutions:

Dry Up Baseboard

Sump Pump Installation


Drain Systems

Wall Liners

Kozy Floor Sub Floor System

Water Sealers

Drainage Systems

Smart Crack Wall Repair

Flood Defender Installation

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Did you know that 60% of the air you breathe comes from your basement or crawl space?  
The solution to your wet basement or crawlspace